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Our Vision

GracePoint Institute for Relational Health was established to function as an extension of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.  We long to serve as an incarnational outpost of Christian care and compassion, which seeks to intentionally and comprehensively apply the grace of God to the points of human emotional, spiritual, mental, and relational need.

Our Focus

Why Relational Health and GracePoint?

We focus on relational health because God created all of us to function within a set of horizontal and vertical relationships.  We know from God’s Word that our relational health with Him is made perfect through the person and work of Jesus Christ and that we receive that most precious gift through the free gift of Faith.  And all this is a gift of pure GRACE.  And we know that the POINT where God’s GRACE tore through space and time was the Cross. This most fundamental truth has transformational power.  It has the power to transform the relational health that we enjoy with one another and with God’s creation.  It is our fundamental goal to help hurting persons understand the relational health they possess with their Creator through Christ and help them translate that into their relationships with themselves, with God, and with others.

Our Mission

Our vision will be accomplished by providing competent therapy from a Christian perspective to individuals, couples, families, and groups; by providing churches, schools, and other organizational systems with relational and research-driven analysis and consultation; by providing retreats and intensives aimed at promoting relational attunement, health, and vitality; by producing a weekly half-hour radio program addressing life and relationship topics and issues from a Christian, holistic, relational, and systemic perspective; and by publishing research-supported, practice-oriented, and faith-based literature for the enhancement of interpersonal interaction within any system.